“Black media needs a restart button. BET is complete shit. WorldStarHipHop is probably the worst thing on the entire internet. Kanye West thinks he’s fighting for civil rights by designing shoes. Social media has fully embraced the “Niggas be like”, “Bitches be like”, hood fight videos, and ratchet women acting like their Instagram is an XXL centerfold. Mainstream hip-hop has evolved from a vocal war against oppression into an elaborate scheme for perpetuating that same oppression. Tyler Perry is still making movies…WHY?! Can we please get a Ctrl+Alt+Delete? God damn.”

-JayFunk (via skankin-it-easy)

blackraystyles but isn’t most black media white owned.

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The mindsets needs a restart.

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Childish Gambino

omfg daddy

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If you never tried dancing like Cody Martin you are lying

what do you mean tried